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Fusion 360 Update

I am liking it!

I am having the usual learning struggles as I expect with any complicated tool. Nothing that can’t be overcome with a little thought processing.

I have designed and produced a number of 3D printed items. Fusion360 produces ready to run .stl files. I haven’t dug into the CAM side of the software other than a little look-see. It appears to be very detailed and can be customized for the CNC machines I use. Tool files, configuration, etc.

I won’t be exploring the CAM until I have a real project. Here are pictures of the designs I have produced.

3D Printer part v2 cone vase v2
Bracket for holding filiment spool Single tool holder
hollow point v1 keyboard ramp v4
Hollow point type holder (tools) Keyboard support (2) used on slide out drawer.
split bushing 2 v3 Test2 v1
Split locking ring .Bracket design. (my first drawing in F360)

Autodesk is trying their darned best to make Fusion 360 a social club. Providing ranking and awards for the amount of contribution made to their support publications. I am not shy about blogging, but I have no interest in spending a lot of my time doing product support.

I appreciate having a place to share information and look for solutions to problems. I will contribute when I think I have something I have produced for myself. It is not my mission to be the person spending 90 percent of my productive time to earn the highest status award on a Fusion 360 support blog. I am all about making drawings for the things I want to make. I am not looking for rank and glory. That’s just me I suppose…

I am also assuming since Fusion 360 is a subscription and Internet connected, my usage and time spent is being monitored and reported. It can function off line (I haven't tried yet) but I will also assume it will report data once it is reconnected. Ther is no such ting as privacy when connected to the Internet. Never assume there is.

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