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3D Printing - "It's all about design and quality output. Not how fast the printer can run."


The Product History

I have ordered a resin type 3D printer. I have posted information elsewhere in this website. Now I need suitable computer software for preparing the three-dimensional item for support on the printer bed and proper slicing into layers.

I have run simulations with a number of available software packages, so I can legitimately make some comparisons between products. I admit the best testing will occur when I can run a real printer and compare actual print qualities.

The situation with CreationW3D is a bit different. Every supplier or maker of 3D printers, supply a no additional cost printer control software package for the machine or machines they sell. Either a propiatary or freeware package. It is when a machine owner wants additional control features that they seek other software options, either freeware or commercial for purchase.  CreationW3D has switched from freeware to a commercial product.

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CW3DJPGLosing Control?

I have fallen into a deep cesspool of confusion and disinformation. I am doing research into high resolution 3D printing, generally in the realm of resin based print machines. The mainstay software application for low-end (cost) and hobbyist machines has been a freeware program named Creation Workshop CW3D. Apparently, it’s primary creators have sold out to commercial interests named DataTree3D. The program is apparently, no longer free.

I requested a free trial (as advertised) from the new owner website and received a non-functioning (expired) version. The trial software requires a registration before it will function. Oops!

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Thoughts on Resin 3D Printers

I have been investigating (on the Internet) photosensitive resin 3D printers. This includes the SLA (Stereo Lithographic Apparatus) that uses a deflected UV laser beam and the DLP (Digital Light Processing) that uses a projected full frame picture exposure.

I am not going into a tutorial about these two main types. There is plenty written elsewhere to those interested enough to search it out. (That is what the Internet is good at providing.)


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A Time Waster?

I spend a lot of my time working on 3D printing. I may be spending too much time. The actual printing is a hands off do nothing period. The printer just runs and does its thing. The waster is watching it do its thing.

With three printers, I switch between them. I often have all three running at the same time. That’s melting a lot of filament per hour. Each print normally takes hours to run. That means there is a lot of down time not doing anything with the active printing.

I use that time working on the CAD or drawing portion of the creative process. I have often said the printing process itself is not a profession. Operating the printer is a low to medium skill job, that has to be done, but I don’t suggest it as a career.

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DSC07851Fun with Math

I am sitting in my office worn down a bit from just coming in from mowing my yard in the Texas 90-degree heat and humidity…

My thoughts drifted to my three-D printers I have in my office. They need to be making something.

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The Author

Ramblin' Dan Kautz

dankautzThere is no doubt one of my hobbies is writing about my hobbies. I read somewhere a long time ago, the best things to write about are the things you know very well. I have been writing and publishing long before the personal computer became the tool of choice.  My first printed and published club newsletter was created in the late 60's.

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Our Mission

The intention of this web site and “Ramblin’ Dan’s 3D Print Design Studio” is to promote creative design thinking and demonstrate how ideas can be changed to tangible creations through the proper application and use of Three-Dimensional Printing systems.

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