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DSC07293Back On Base

It’s the Christmas Holiday season so one of the tings to do is 3D print decorations for display. One easy place to find seasonal “things” is Thingiverse.com. I did that and found this Dream 3D Christmas Nutcracker design, To me it looks more like a Toy Soldier than a nutcracker. The mouth isn’t like a nutcracker. The designer can call it whatever they like.

The original design will print out full size at over 300mm. That’s slightly too big for my Delta printer. I resized the first one I printed to 200mm. I like how it looked and printed the second at 275mm. The two different sizes actually look good together. Better than two the same size IMHO.

So I have made two of them so far. Enough for now unless someone I know wants a copy. My spouse is already planning on maybe giving one away as a gift. I can make another to replace the gifted one if that happens.

I was planning to paint them all up in bright toy soldier colors. But my wife placed them with some lighted white trees on the mantle. We both agreed they looked just fine being “naked” white PLA in color.

So why am I writing about these downloaded figures? Glad you asked.

I am happy to show off anything I print and will continue, but the master plan is to encourage original design. For what these two fellows were in need, was a base on which to stand. The paltry footprint of these very slim and tall fellows is a bit inadequate. Let me say they are not very stable on their feet. With the tall hat they are top heavy. I only used 10% fill.

I decided to engineer a base to stabilize these gents. I measured their shoulder spans and used that to establish a base diameter. The little guy is 50mm and the big fellow is 60mm.

With my groove design near the outer edge, there is just enough space for gluing down the boots on each size. I used some thick CA Super-glue. It works OK on PLA plastic. For ABS I would probably choose Acetone.

My CAD was again Rhino 3D as I am comfortable using it. I have been “playing” with SketchUp 2017 and that should be another option for drawing 3D. I don’t need to master another program.

Here is the link to the .stl files for the bases:

toy soldier base files (zip archive)

I provided (1st paragraph above) a link to the Nutcracker file you can download from Thingiverse.


toy soldier base DSC07287
3D drawing of both size bases in Rhino. 50mm x 3 mm and 60mm x 3 mm 60mm base being prInted on the Delta style printer.
DSC07289 DSC07291
The "boys" getting their bases gluded in place. All done and standing tall. Especially the hats!

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