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DHL CaptureRight now they seem to be made from pure unobtainium. They are made in three sizes. 0.2mm, 0.4mm and 0.6mm. One of each comes with a new printer. I ordered a spare 0.2mm and 0.4mm nozzle as part of my printer order on October 13, 2017. That is now almost a month ago.

The nozzles were shipped separately from the printer. They must be so rare, they don’t keep them in the same place with the printers. Strange…

My spares were apparently shipped out of China. On DHL mail service, October 19. The tracking number Cetus gave me (from China) was bogus. It took Cetus 3 weeks to figure that out. A new (to me) help desk person finally furnished me the proper tracking code for DHL.

Strange, as the new tracking first shows my nozzles leaving (originating) from Jamacia, NY, USA, October 23, 2017. I am wondering if they (Cetus) have a warehouse there, and simply shipped me a new order from USA inventory.

I tracked the order as it travelled all the way to my post office in Frisco, Texas USA. Where it was marked “Undeliveralble As Addressed” and apparently returned to sender. What The Fudge! They have to be kidding me. A month of screwing around and they got my address wrong? The Cetus 3D printer itself had no problem being delivered to my address all the way from California.

Seems to me the boys and girls in Jamaica (NY) have been out in the sun too much and are a bit dizzy about getting addresses correct.

My last communique to Cetus 3D help was for them to either ship a new order or refund my payment. I still need their only source of print nozzles. I already placed a new order for a couple more 0.4mm nozzles. My original has plugged solid after I pushed the heating of some PETG filament a bit too far.

I can only wonder if that additional nozzle order is going to be processed properly. Oh, yeah, The 0.2mm nozzles are already marked as “out of stock” on the Cetus 3D order webpage.

It’s like buying a new car and finding out the ignition key won’t be made for a couple more months…


Cetus 3D is sending out a new delivery of the two nozzles direct from China. They have already supplied a tracking number link that originates from China. The plan is to ship on (their) Monday. The tracking number provided is not yet active. It's only two small nozzle assemblies about 2 inches long and a quarter inch diameter. If I close my hand on both, they can't bee seen. I talking small. The last pair were on a wild and wooly travel expedition. I hope these next two have a clear destination. Ha!

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