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I am still having a love/hate relationship with my Cetus 3D printer. The printer itself is an outstanding example of a minimalist 3D printer. The print quality is excellent. The quality of the components is outstanding.

The pain part is the dealing long distance with China. They admit publicly on their store website that they have more to do than they can handle. Orders will be delayed by several days for processing. That is not a good impression when buying spare parts.

I now have a bunch of various size nozzles and a plain, printing base plate on order. I am going to glue a PEI sheet on the plate and eliminate the base plate holes while providing a far smoother surface. The stock plate works well but is intended for using a raft when printing which consumes a lot of plastic for large items. I like rafts for holding small area items. The stock plate is not smooth.

The printer makes a very nice PLA printer. I was able to do some PETG but the constant cooling fan isn’t a good match with PETG requirements. I won’t consider ABS. Cetus has an available heated bed, but it is not temperature regulated by the printer. There are some hints about cobbling-up an extra power supply and an external temperature controller for a controlled hot bed. Some folks like to play with things like that…

As I have said, Cetus is a great PLA printer. No need on my part to make it anything else. Why spoil a good thing? Ha!

The controlling software is a bit unique if one is not familiar with the UP3D system. Not a lot of tweaking can be done. That means it can’t get too messed up by the user. Like I have said, it does PLA very well. However, there are a few things I would change if I could. Like the excruciating slow first layer speed when printing directly on the bed (no raft). It seems like a penalty inflicted for going raft-less.

A good first printer? Maybe. Any printer is better than no printer. An experienced user will have no issues. A newbie can handle it because, just hook up a few parts and it just works. The website provides support but there have been changes and some of the advice posted there is out of date. A new user needs to read to the end to get the latest, and even then the info may be out of date.

Support is trying, and I’ll say they can be very trying (on my patience) More than 30 days trying to sort out a few print nozzles… sigh…

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