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New Cetus 3D Extruder

Latest word on the Cetus 3D is they are “messin’ ‘round” with a new extruder design. My extruder has been working great, so I am not certain what they are trying to improve. Perhaps cost.

I do know they have already changed the design of their nozzle. I received three 0.40 MM nozzles and they have an extended PTFE tube sticking out the top end. They are supposed to be a nozzle design change to fit the new extruder but can be adapted for use with the style extruder I have.

The extended PTFE tube will not let the nozzle fit my extruder until I cut off the tube to the proper length. I was given no hint when I received the nozzles, what the proper length should be. I cut them off flush with the top of the metal nozzle.

Jason Wu on the support team informed me the tube should be cut 2 MM above the end of the metal tube. Communication is one of the weak areas for Cetus 3D. Proper action would/should have been to send instructions with the new design for retro-fitting the new nozzle design on old extruders.

My brand-new nozzles were plugging up from PTFE “bits” flaking off the cut edge of the tube and carried into the nozzle. The filament material is much harder than the PTFE. I have begun cutting the end of the filament at 45 degrees, so the squared off end of the filament doesn’t impact the squared off end of the PTFE and flake off a bit of PTFE.

DSC07929The filament feed on the Cetus 3D is a power feed operation, so there is no “feel” by the user that the filament has smoothly entered the PTFE tube. The old nozzle design has a tapered bevel machined on the top end of the metal nozzle tube and smoothly directs the filament into feed tube. That feature has been eliminated with the new nozzle. The old design was much better engineered in my honest opinion.

I have three more nozzles of the 0.40 MM size on order. It seems to me that nozzle problems may certainly be increasing for me.

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