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DSC07266Getting the Bugs Out

This visitor came into my workshop, obviously attracted to my 3D printer. I was in the process of testing the operation of the printer after making a repair to a broken strut. I was figuratively trying to, “work out all the bugs.”

Apparently, I was literally successful.

I was a little startled at first by this fellow’s impressive size and sudden appearance. He wasn’t aggressive at all so I was not frightened, more like amazed. He was sitting on the video information display screen at the bottom of the printer. It was like he came right out of the screen.

First thought was, “Nobody is going to believe this!” I actually worked a bug out of this printer.

I ran (hobbled the best I can) to my office and grabbed my camera. When I got back the giant bug was gone. I was sure I missed the photo opportunity of a lifetime. A little searching revealed he had wandered up one of the columns on the side of the printer. A-ha, the photo op was not lost!

I took about 20 or so shots of this creature. A few of them are shown here.

I shared a few with my family using text messaging, for the shock value. This is something not seen every day. We do get some big bugs here in Texas.

My daughter Googled the picture and identified it as a common Coreid bug, a.k.a squash (as in the veggie) bug. Harmless to humans. He had no interest in bothering me.

I use a plastic material for printing that is called PLA (Polylactic Acid), a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch (in the United States and Canada), tapioca roots, chips or starch (mostly in Asia), or sugarcane (in the rest of the world.) My source is manufactured in China.

PLA gives off a sweet odor when heated and extruded for 3D printing. I assume this odor is attractive to the squash bug. He was simply looking for some nice sweet plant leaves on which to take up residence.

Too bad for him. I don’t need large bugs messing with my print jobs. I removed him from his perch and disposed him in a proper squash bug fashion. I’ll spare those details.

DSC07275 DSC07278

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