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3D Printing - "It's all about design and quality output. Not how fast the printer can run."

Cake Birthday ClipartHappy 70th Birthday

Birthday? Next month actually. What have I done? Just ordered another 3D printer. Ownership has become habit forming. I can’t get enough tools. But, I do have enough. One is plenty. But with two I can make more STUFF!

The new printer is a kitted Kossel style Delta. I have been talking about a delta here for a while. The cost is slightly more than the cost of my first printer. The first paragraph is just crazy talk. I just want to try a new method of printing. I am curious that way.

One of the printers will live in my office and the other will get a new home in the shop. I’ll have to build a temperature controlled box for the shop version. The likely candidate is printer #1. It is less tall than the Delta.

I am not going to mention the brand name just yet. I have decided to be a brand pusher only if there is a reward in it for me, like a sponsor. The brand will be obvious from the show and tell pictures that will be forth coming but I will not be representing the brand, only the style and method of operation.

An Old Man's Product Demo Rant

Amateurish demos appear on You Tube and other websites containing poor videography or photography. It's the nature of the media. It pains me to watch such esthetic mayhem. A few are trying to sell themselves to a perceived fan base. It’s more about video fame than a product demo.

I want to see stuff about the product that gets right to the point, not listen to 30 minutes of personal blab from a talking head. There are others who say nothing and just wave around their cell phone in portrait mode like a video paint brush. Trying to suck in everything in one visual take. I need a dose of Dramamine for motion sickness. Ha!

I try to do better. The intention is to emulate the style of Norm Abram of “The New Yankee Workshop”. Norm demonstrated the proper use of machine wood working tools, in context with the work at hand. It worked for Delta brand tools for 20 years. 3D printer manufacturers should take the NYW  hint.

A clueless amateur, fumbling with printer settings, in poor lighting, while hand holding the camera, isn’t great product PR.

Some of the manufacturer’s own marketing is just the opposite, with glitz and overly dramatic lighting, posed in stunningly perfect office scenes, and no good “show me the action”. I don't make buying decisions  for a tool because of perfect staging of a scene. Nice production for selling the concept of 3D printing, but it tells me nothing technical about purchasing THAT machine. There IS a place for conceptual marketing for creating interest in the 3D printing concept.

I am not talking about corporate instructional training. That’s another venue. I have spent many years producing corporate level instructional materials and providing live training. I know how to make good presentations.

Norm was good. He simply showed what he could do using a well-functioning machine tool. It made viewers want the same level of ability as well as his tools. “If it works for Norm, it will work for me.”

Nice projects made with the knowledge of a real professional using quality power tools used properly, that anyone else can own. Those were the good old days… Don't start thinking 70 as being TOO old... just a senior "maker of many things" here, trying to push his addiction to a younger generation.

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dankautzThere is no doubt one of my hobbies is writing about my hobbies. I read somewhere a long time ago, the best things to write about are the things you know very well. I have been writing and publishing long before the personal computer became the tool of choice.  My first printed and published club newsletter was created in the late 60's.

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The intention of this web site and “Ramblin’ Dan’s 3D Print Design Studio” is to promote creative design thinking and demonstrate how ideas can be changed to tangible creations through the proper application and use of Three-Dimensional Printing systems.

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