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DSC07742Tri & Hex Holders

A little project at the request of my spouse. She was admiring my 3D printed holders for my wax carving tools and files. However, the holes were too small for the things she wanted to hold. I was tasked with creating holders with larger holes.

The first one was using three holes with a hole design diameter of 12mm. I “project named” it the TriHolder. A square sided cube wouldn’t be aesthetic so I created some curves on two sides. They widen the base and make it look a bit better.

From the beginning the plan was to stretch it to six holes, which created the HexHolder. The wider base adds more stability and the extra holes provide added capacity.

The usual (very) rough sketch moved me to creating the designs in Autodesk Fusion 360. The renderings are directly from the program. I played with the idea of a curved top but I decided to KISS. Just two curved sides makes them easy to place side by side for more capacity.

I print mine at 0.20mm layer height with 4 layers top and bottom. The shell is three layers. Infill is 15% and could be a bit less. A lot of strength is not required. 15% is just enough for me to get a decent solid 4 ply layer at the bottom of the 12mm holes and the top of the holder.

A424 TriHolder v1
My usual but uglier than ever, idea sketch. Rendering of the TriHolder in Fusion 360.
HexHolderV1 DSC07740
Rendering of the Hex Holder. The first TriHolder.
DSC07741 DSC07745
Then there were two. All together for a family portrait.

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