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DSC07739Twisty Vause

This print is for my daughter. I made the green Yoda for her twin brother, so I needed to balance my generosity! Ha! Vause is the fancy word for a cheap plastic vase...

It’s another design I gathered from Thingiverse. This one is in the form of an SCAD file. That is a CAD drawing program that has parameters which can be changed or altered to create variations of a design.

In this design, two polar graphs are created, one for the bottom and one for the top. Then a transition is computed from the bottom up. Here I went from 12 lobes to 6 lobes. Every major and some minor factors are variable; height, wall and bottom thickness, amount of “pinch”, twist going up.

A lot of variation is possible. Unless all the numbers (variables) remain the same, the results will be different. That permits experimentations and some creative input. So, this is my design within the limits of the SCAD program.

Print time was six and a half hours. Solutech Ultra PLA in hot pink. Layer height, 0.1mm.



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Ramblin' Dan Kautz

dankautzThere is no doubt one of my hobbies is writing about my hobbies. I read somewhere a long time ago, the best things to write about are the things you know very well. I have been writing and publishing long before the personal computer became the tool of choice.  My first printed and published club newsletter was created in the late 60's.

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The intention of this web site and “Ramblin’ Dan’s 3D Print Design Studio” is to promote creative design thinking and demonstrate how ideas can be changed to tangible creations through the proper application and use of Three-Dimensional Printing systems.

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