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Wanhao Duplicator 7 - 1.5

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The Wanhao D7 made the trip safely from the manufacturer in China. They seem to have a couple variations of company names and a couple of locations in China. Not all that important, just an observation. I am just pleased that nothing was damaged. First tests show all is well. No smoke, The UV light comes on, the LCD screen is intact, and the Z axis runs and is very precise in movement. The D7 (Arduino) Box/TPI control computer functions as it should but printed instructions seem to be missing. No problem as they are available online. I was sent a drop-box location with all the files except for the box computer. (It doesn't seem to have a real name yet?)

The D7 Box/TPI (Touch Panel Interface) is very intuitive to me. I soon ran through all its screens and functions, no problems.

I am almost ready to do a print. That's the next step. I am still trying to decide where it should be located in the shop. Cleanliness is next to godliness with this or any 3D printer. I think a bit more so with this machine. A speck on the video screen or tank bottom is going to screw with the print for sure. My workshop is not the cleanest part of my living space. Ha! 

Ok, enough blab. Here are the first pictures. The set-up is extremely easy when nothing is damaged. It is plug and play. Two screws to secure the Z-axis arm to the bearing block. That's it!

DSC08029 DSC08030
Here we are in the shop with all the parts spread out. Four sheets of extra FEP film are in front with the knobs on top of them. This is the resin vat. The video screen is in contact with the bottom film of this vat.
DSC08031 DSC08032
The top bearing bracket was changed when the change was made to using the double linear bearings and shafts. This is the bottom side of the resin vat. Take out all the screws to replace the FEP film. My printer came with two complete vats with the film installed.
DSC08033 DSC08034
This is the video screen. Note the tape holding it secure in its recess. The only hardware I had to install. Two screws mount this bracket. The bottom front of the bracket is recessed so the build plate has a square stop when it is mounted.
DSC08035  DSC08036
The front of the bracket is thinner than the rear. Here is the build plate properly mounted. I may peel the label off. Electrical and communication connections art the rear of the D7 printer. Note ventilation slots.
DSC08037  DSC08038
The large fan on the side to keep the PS and electronics cool. The fan of the bottom provides cooling ventilation air for the UV LED. Longer legs provide more space. This is also a place to suck up dust and debris off the bench surface if this is an intake. I plan to use the cutting board when printing and keep it clean..
DSC08039  DSC08040
The Arduino D7 control computer. AKA box/TPI touch panel interface. Mini USB power connector on top. That is a touchscreen. Left side with two USB, one LAN and one HDMI connectors.
DSC08041  DSC08042
Backside has a very small cooling fan. Those crome looking circles are permanent magnets. They are used to stick the controller to the printer. This is the computer power supply. Note power switch built into the cord. Good idea. There is also a supplied USB memory stick for file transfers.
DSC08043  DSC08044
Computer USB and HDMI plugged in as well as the line cord. Switch here in the back must be used to power down the printer. The D7 box controller computer has plastic feet on the bottom and four magnets on the back. The controller "sticks" to the printer if desired. The newest version has this computer built into the printer in this location.
DSC08045  DSC08046
 Splash screen for the D7 controller "box".  Look close, I think the rhino is smiling...
DSC08047  DSC08048
Part of the touch menu selections. One of the tests is to turn on the UV LED. Here is what is projected.Proves the UV LED and LCD is functional. Look! The rhino IS smiling.
DSC08051  Dirt is going to be as much an enemy as stray light with the Duplicator 7 printer. The cover needs to be on almost all the time. Maybe a garbage bag over this when shutting down for any length of time.

 Ok, next step is to go find something to print. It's almost too pretty to mess up, but it has a job to do. I have three kinds of resin so far. I have to go do some homework for the recommended settings for each type. One thing for certain about any type of 3D printing, there are a lot of variables. If it were easy, I probably wouldn't do it...



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