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First Resin Print

The first print has been produced on the Wanhao D7 resin DLP printer. It is a box within a sphere. Sufficiently detailed for a first print on a high resolution printing machine. The layer height is 100 Microns so it would print faster. The resolution is very good. 35 Microns will probably be unbelievable.


DSC08053 Edit DSC08054
The printer has just finished the run. Can't see a thing with the lid on. Can't see under the base plate into the vat anyway. Literally printing in the dark. Still dripping resin. From here on comes the messy stuff. Cleaning up and off the excess resin.
DSC08056 DSC08057
Adhesion to the print base was good but not impossible to remove. 

Here it is after an alcohol bath. That doesn't harden the resin, just washes off the excess before the final hardening with sunlight or a cure box

I am gathering parts to build my curing box. I'll do a write up after testing. I put this outside for a while but the Texas sun had gone into hiding. Even with clouds, there is some UV  from the sky, so it did set up a bit harder. 

Not too bad for a first Resin print via DLP.

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The intention of this web site and “Ramblin’ Dan’s 3D Print Design Studio” is to promote creative design thinking and demonstrate how ideas can be changed to tangible creations through the proper application and use of Three-Dimensional Printing systems.

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